Enhance your golf etiquette by watching others’ mistakes through this humorous story of a municipal golfer playing a round of golf at a country club.

This amusing story will entertain and educate as you polish your golf manners and become the person that others look to for correct conduct on the course. Real life examples explain the right and wrong ways to behave while golfing.

The Golf Rules-Etiquette is the follow-up book to The Golf Rules, which explains stroke play procedures.

Author Richard Todd realized that very few golfers are educated on the rules and etiquette of golf in a uniform manner, and most golfers are taught by people without proper knowledge or education in these areas. To address this problem, The Golf Rules series was developed. This collection of books covers stroke play, match play, and golf etiquette through easy to read and understand stories about everyday golfers and the situations they encounter.

Learn while laughing with The Golf Rules!

“The Golf Rules is a truly interesting way of learning the ins and outs of the game of golf. Readers will be able to have the right answers and learn how to handle questionable situations on the golf course through this insightful book.” -The Eisen Agency