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Richard E. Todd, author of The Golf Rules: Etiquette: Enhance Your Golf Etiquette by Watching Others’ Mistakes, offers up monthly tips on writing and staying motivated. 

 Nano Lessons – Just Keep Writing

I didn’t want to take out the garbage last night.

I could have left it there, rotting, but that wouldn’t have made my life better (nor anyone else in my home).

So, I decided to at least empty the kitchen garbage container and take the bulk can to the curb. As often happens, once I started the task I decided to do just a little more and, eventually, removed the trash from all rooms in my house.

Writing is very similar.

No, I don’t mean to imply that what we write is trash. I’m simply stating that if you tackle a task in small parts it’s much easier to handle.

Likewise, I didn’t always want to write every day for long periods of time in November for NaNoWriMo, but I forced myself to spend at least fifteen minutes each morning.

Some days I went longer than this small amount of time, and some days I didn’t reach this goal, but every time I sat and wrote I progressed my word count, working towards the goal of finishing my story.

Just those few minutes each day yielded, on average, 500 words. Just thirty days later I completed 15,000 words. (20k will get you a 100+ page published novella).

Just like that mess that I moved from my kitchen, I improved my writing with each small step!

I may not have finished a novel in that thirty days but I now have a strong novella ready for editing and publishing or I can spend more time and continue to increase the size of this story.

The next time you have trouble with motivation to put words on paper set a small goal of a few minutes or hundred words and see if your muse is driven to continue after that goal is met.

Do you have any tried and true tricks to push yourself along the writing path when you’re feeling less than energetic? Share them below or directly with me.

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