He Married a Sociopath: A Navy Seal Team VI Sniper’s Greatest Threat Lived In His Own Home


Sabrina continues her tragic and sometimes heartbreaking story, detailed in I Married a Sociopath: Taken to the Edge of Insanity my Survival Unexpected, into this second book.

Sabrina finds herself pregnant and married at nineteen, and for twenty years she is caught in a web of violence and psychological mind games. She divorces Peter, but his abuse and control continues—in a different way—her own daughters become the voice of Peter’s insatiable need to unsettle Sabrina and disrupt her life, creating chaos by twisting reality.

Steven and Jo eloped after spending only a few weeks together—he was an established U.S. Navy SEAL—Jo presented herself as someone perfect for him. Jo was pregnant with their first child in less than a year, and three years later, a second. The relationship deteriorated quickly and as her psychological and verbal abuse escalated, Steven presented marriage dissolution papers to Jo. “This is not how it is going to happen,” she replied and made the first of dozens of false allegations.

Steven and Sabrina meet in May of 2010 and they have an immediate connection—not only their chemistry but a curiously shared experience with who they think will soon be their ex-spouses. While both go through years of litigation, they seek each other’s love and support in defending themselves against a legal labyrinth of unpredictable madness.
When Jo finds out about Sabrina, her rage finds a new target. Peter and Jo seek revenge together—their manipulations take on amplified intensity and fixation that neither had found individually. As Steven’s boys become teenagers, Jo arms them with the message that they, “can be a family again if Sabrina is out of the picture.” They absorb their mother’s malicious intentions and lock on to this task. How this manifests in them will take your breath away…

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